Some views on enterprise website construction market downturn

Since the birth of

throughout the development of the Internet, greatly small site and many of the Internet media and network software has been to modern humans brought new life essential elements of life, but now in some areas of the development of the Internet and the electronic commerce process has also failed to contemporary standards, and even some Internet companies and regional sites business and e-commerce business is difficult, a lot of colleagues and I have been talking about, a lot of views between each other, I also have some thoughts to share with you colleagues

1, although the Internet technology to people’s lives has brought great changes, but these changes are still largely reflected in some countries of Europe and the United States is more prominent, but many people still will have many years of domestic consumption habits, always feel the real purchase more at ease more security, face more in-depth exchanges and cooperation more clear and this caused a lot of regional sites after doing not many people to pay attention to and use. So, these entrepreneurs think that the website has done, no one uses, the website does not make sense. These views a pass ten, ten pass 100, among friends talking to each other on the impact of a group of people, I have asked many business owners, they have a large number of people is that, we still rely on the traditional teaching mode of sales promotion, it is very good, does not need the website. This resulted in the slow development of the local regional Internet,

2, the Internet did not affect people’s lives, but the research of the effect of different, as far as I know, many foreign countries and some domestic big city already have formed a regional network of sales, service, service system, and do a very good promotion and practice and invest a lot of manpower to make the management and maintenance of this system in the people’s life plays a deep and important role, let the local people begin to use and accept these things. If we carry out some areas of the Internet, because the local government does not attach importance to the idea of network, many entrepreneurs have encountered difficulties, and some have a try with the idea of entrepreneurs to invest some money and time after not quickly get economic returns have divestment switch.

3 now, with the development of the times, the market will continue to get better, many entrepreneurs have begun to pay attention to the network marketing and network marketing brings the effect, there are also some people began to try, which naturally lack of success, but there are also a large part of enterprises have achieved very good results, this what is the reason why the first, service to the local market network, network marketing planning is not comprehensive, many companies are only responsible for the site, after doing how to use, how to manage, how to promote and provide a full range of services and solutions to these enterprises. In addition, the bosses inside the enterprise have a smattering of knowledge about the Internet. After doing the website, they do not have good management and use of the website.

above is part of my explanation of the poor development of regional website business and e-commerce business. I would like to propose some solutions below

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