Two level domain name and two level directory how do we choose

many webmaster asked two domain names and two directories in the end how to choose in the forum post, which is high weight? According to my personal experience, a website for level two or two grade weight directory should not start from the weight, should start from the size and nature of the site itself. Today, the main point of this article is to talk about the problem of two level domain name or two level directory.

two domain names and two directories have respective advantages, if the in-depth understanding of these two concepts is wrong, so we may not be able to determine their own website for which way, so this paper from the definition, to share with you the two level domain and two bit directory.

two level domain name and two level directory

two level domain is relative to the main domain name, such as, a two level domain, the search engine will be the two level domain name as an independent domain name to view, part of the weight in general two level domain name will inherit the domain name, but how to inherit, according to the quality of the two websites to decide. The two level directory refers to a website directory, to a folder in the form of relative to the root directory, two level directory is not a separate site, he is a part of the domain name itself, all the weight he will inherit the domain name.

judge the weight of

from URL

many owners will ask questions which is high weight, if other factors are not considered, only from the URL, then the weight of the two level domain name is higher than the two level directory, because the two level domain is a single site, while the two level directory page channel is equivalent to a website or section of the page, so the authority is not high two level domain name. For example, for two level domain name and two grade directory, the search engine will be treated as the first independent site of index, and the second is to treat aa/index, so regardless of other conditions, the search engine for the two level domain name weight is relatively high.

two level directory advantages

generally for small and medium-sized enterprises or personal websites, here suggested the use of two directory is more appropriate. If you use the two level domain name, then the equivalent in the two different sites, many SEO details and promotion work needs to be done two times, the PR value of the site and the degree of trust will be two sites scattered, while the use of two domain name will let the website become small, is not conducive to the accumulation of the site overall weight. While the two level directory on the contrary, it can make a website more and more, in the search engine cumulative trust degree is higher, more conducive to the rankings and optimization. Therefore, the use of two directory, for general web site is still more advantages. But the premise of using the two level directory is that the topic of the website needs to be closely related. If there is a big difference between topics, then the entire site will be dispersed.

level two domain name range

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