Station owners should be preferred to local communities Mo Guo’s weapon

2009 Guangzhou Internet webmaster conference was held in Guangzhou Wa King Town Hotel on December 19th afternoon. This meeting is unprecedented, from Guangdong province and the other parts of more than 400 owners participated in the meeting. At the meeting, guests distinguished speeches and round table discussion in the incisive and unique views, it is thought-provoking.

, one of the laggards, said in Dong Qinfeng’s speech: "it’s a shame to have a meal alone!" I immediately admire. As a senior in the webmaster circle, Dong brother for nearly ten years, such as the operator of the day behind the community, for many webmaster friends to provide the exchange and learn from each other’s place. His view of "running a web site like Taobao" is just as hot in my heart. The Internet is not 3 or 5 years before the Internet, that by various means to make flow and hang advertising or pop era has gradually quit the stage of history, a single IP value should be the webmaster attention. As Dong Ge said, a Taobao store traffic may not be great, but if you count the value of a single IP is a few times a lot of websites. Therefore, the current Internet webmaster should pay more attention to the user experience, pay attention to the combination of e-commerce model to do the station, rather than blindly want to rely on advertising to make big money. When it comes to local communities, Mr Tung predicts that in the future there will be a local community where annual income exceeds what is known as a gateway, and that local communities will have great prospects.

Asian ports President Fu Dekun in a roundtable discussion in view of the same resonates with me, I have been thinking about the problem in his words lay bare. Summed up his views and apply the TV series "Joe courtyard" in the sentence is: "the weapon is not moving. Coincidentally, this morning to see the news was announced at the end of month "CCTV network video strategy put forward three years performance requirements", so the video site of the national team has really come. In fact, the type of many websites should not be the direction that individual stationmaster business enterprise should choose, because it is the weapon of the country, it is the industry that the country must be able to control. A few months ago Ma shouted "if the country needs, Alipay can be similar to the country" and "Joe courtyard" in the lens? Plus traditional media are currently busy restructuring, and have entered the field of new media, the future of the portal is who are currently not a good conclusion. The aforementioned CCTV news, CCTV video entry is not simple, CCTV launched the love grapefruit with obvious characteristics of SNS, so SNS will also have a certain impact. As far as I know, one of the radio and television departments is also organizing the SNS website. In view of this, video and SNS, news portal will be the first choice for the national team to enter the industry.

so, whether individual owners do not have any chance?’. China has a population of 1 billion 300 million, only more than 300 million of the current Internet users, and many emerging markets need to be developed. Among them, the local community is a very big cake, waiting for everyone to develop. Hangzhou 19 Building, Changzhou Hualong lane is a leader in this field, there are many places for learning. If you can combine yourself

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