No 1 million do not open forums on the nternet

"Dear customer: Hello! Due to various reasons, MITSUBISHI hopenet has had a series of changes in December 7th. It’s closed now!…… We thank all our customers and we have witnessed the ups and downs of China’s internet!"……

"everybody online, dear members, Hello, due to some policy and personal reasons, Zhongtian online or will be closed indefinitely in the near future."!"……


hopenet is a IDC space, to the site for sale or rent the host, yesterday, it closed down. Zhongtian online is a network technology forum, which focuses on antivirus software and security software. Yesterday, it announced that it was about to be closed. In this unprecedented Internet crackdown, a number of provinces and cities adopted a closed room, shutting down all servers and inventory one by one online again, more than ten million can not access the site, and even some space business also survive this cold, chose to shut down.

filing sites need to be tested personally,

According to

, "the Ministry of industry and information technology on remediation mobile phone pornographic work program", the Ministry will send the supplementary notice in 2010 1 month, requires basic telecom enterprises and various access service providers before the communications authority to submit a site for the record, to the identity information of face verification, retained a copy of valid documents, review the main site information, contact information and access to information, and to the website for the location of the communications authority to submit the verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record certificate.

to have access to websites, "scheme requires basic telecom enterprises and access service providers to record information authenticity verification of complete access site before September 2010."

at the same time, explicitly mentioned in the program, will be fully implemented blacklist enterprise linkage management system. According to this system, the black list management of basic telecommunications companies to cover all business channels, access service providers, users and users access resources, blacklist management, access service providers to cover all access websites, mobile phone users access, blacklist management, domain name registration and management services to all the domain name holder cover the management or to provide services."

"better kill one thousand than one,"

face unprecedented pressure, many IDC rooms and access providers have adopted more stringent measures, including the first closed room inventory, and then open one by one, as well as domain name verification white list.

IDC access providers almost into the state of extreme nervousness. "state. It is reported that as long as found a problematic site, access to the entire computer room will be closed. Sichuan is the largest IDC access provider "WD" person in charge said in an interview with the newspaper, in the past some "edge ball" website, can open one eye closed, but now it is rather kill one thousand, did not miss a "purpose is to ensure that the majority of enterprises to use.

According to

reports, there have been hundreds of thousands of small sites.

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