Teach you 2 days to do a movie station day P break thousand

floating in the network for several years, have never seriously to make a stand, do stand, or is not what IP, or too lazy to update, September, I watch the movie station, start the movie station


in fact, do the day movie station is the most easy to flow, don’t know why, many movie owners are engaged in long traffic days, visit also hundreds of…

, let me talk about how I did it. First of all, choosing a movie program is very important, as well as the player, and everyone’s movie station must support BOBO, why? Read on, I’ll tell you,


movie program, I choose Marx free version, in fact, do free movies, there is no need to use the commercial version, not useful, as long as the support of BOBO can be, and all the movies on the station BOBO


BOBO why? Because BOBO official movie search BOLOSO.com, crawling according to BOBO player, as long as the BOBO format player, 100% included, BOLOSO traffic but very well, although FLV is fast but the flow effect may not be good Oh, because he is not the official BOBO spider, so he was less in this place a lot of traffic.

looked at the above, I want to know the program selection and play, then the movie station to do it,


station is ready, and next to how to flow? First of all, we recommend that you apply for the flow of green entertainment exchange alliance and Buddha cat traffic exchange

application address.

green entertainment application remember release keyword, then the code in the entertainment stand on the grass, waiting for the green entertainment review! The cat for Buddha, Buddha ball directly linked to the cat, put in the intro page, waiting for the green entertainment after the audit in the green entertainment connection made the point, on the front page of the two is the fastest way to bring traffic to your movie station.

after several steps are completed, the boloso optimization of SEO is very simple. Http://s.boloso.com/help/optimize.bobo, here’s the explanation,

The following

needs to be answered to see

all ready to update the film now, the first day to update the 100-300 movie, remember to manually update all movies, don’t be lazy with the acquisition process, acquisition and save time, but also save a lot of IP, get the movie resources? Can steal, because the BOBO player is not theft,

but not every station BOBO resources can be used to find their own Oh, there is no resources in the fall, rent a month, ranging from 50-300, after the renewal of the film, propaganda, propaganda is very simple, go to Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Post Bar flow down to a few hair ~ ~ ~ Baidu on the popular series, why.

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