Successful cases of nternet marketing in 2014

in order to avoid being despised, always being evaluated for the fighting capacity of slag is only five, after the update of the content of SEO may be less, but for marketing is changing, there is no exchange of property, and marketing ideas rather than to speak to you today with a dead end, grounding gas dry cargo, we do not say those large enterprises marketing case, said people around us in case of successful marketing.

case 1: blown out marketing


QQ cloud marketing users contribute to my blog, said a bit after I saw was very shocked, which is the main method of success when it comes to "boast" to do marketing. Every man is actually an ancient, cucumber to sell for a living, named Wang Bo, began selling melons, did not buy a melon, so he sold his melon by boast from, get the emperor’s appreciation of his style praise, so the story has been widely circulated (brief story). Tell a simple story of us, today’s Bole Chollima your products less than, do not want others to praise praise, it must be difficult to sell. At least this friend when undertaking the establishment of the DEDE, has been praised SEO optimization technology, the optimization of resources out to the customer as he made the case to show off the site, so that all users feel awesome, you could say this is his day orders amounted to more than 1. He is unable to finish the order at hand, and he will soon have his own team.

case two: QQ marketing isn’t that complicated,


is not a grass root webmaster enterprise record, no bidding, no other promotion, actually can counter attack in the online mall, and clothing, clothing heard in this industry, I feel terrible, terrible, terrible is the competition style, terrible is the advantage of others, following the friends in the clothing industry hard for half a month on the counter attack, now I asked him again, when what to think, he just answered me, QQ not so responsible for marketing, but many people do not have hard to do. Well, I’m going to talk about his idea of QQ marketing this year.

1) software shortcuts (through QQ cloud marketing, crawl site existing customer QQ number, conversion in QQ space).


2) and interaction (without interactive QQ, others will take you as a machine, so we don’t have to set up enterprise QQ or marketing QQ, but an ordinary QQ interaction in space.


3) trading tool (the core of the transaction, that is to see you and the customer communication that moment, so the transaction tool is not communication.


looks like the above three is very ordinary, but I can tell you that dry goods are like this. I’m just telling you what I think. I can’t write a plan to make your business successful.

case three: O2O model can also achieve the ultimate

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