What are the details of the clothing store

our life is inseparable from the basic necessities of life, clothing is now people are very concerned about, so do the clothing business, food business is a good choice to make money. Here, in the clothing business, for example, for the novice to bring some skills to shop and shop notes, if you intend to open a clothing store, may wish to follow the small series together to see!

small funds do not consider joining

novice clothing store to pay attention to what? Some people told me that some brands do not need to worry about the purchase of goods do not need to worry about the pressure, take the goods ninety percent off, down more than ten million a year. I can only say that the sky can not fall off the pie, even if it is not necessarily fall on your head.

shop location

large flow of people does not necessarily bring prosperous business, not because of the flow of people in a region and hurriedly pick shop. Large flow of people, the natural rent is more expensive, the higher the positioning of the clothing store, the competitive pressure is naturally some. So there is not enough money, there is no high quality supply, do not pretend to be a place where the flow of people.

shop decoration

in line with the principles of freedom, brightness, health and sunshine. Decoration is not necessarily how high the decoration costs, to create more luxurious shopping environment, but to adapt to the location of the store and the user’s comfort.

business tax registration

in front of the shop must do business tax registration fee, do not be closed shop opened in time, I worked hard for a long time, finally can only be proved.

first purchase

novice clothing store to pay attention to what? The first purchase is to test the water, adhere to the principle of less quantity and style. Find out the consumer’s tastes and spending power, and then follow the needs of regional consumers purchase.


for the first time to shop, liquidity must be maintained. General shop three months to six months are likely to be in a state of non profit, this time to have enough liquidity for the renovation of the goods.

just started so many difficulties is a normal thing, like a small series of analysis can help you, novice to open clothing store will encounter many problems, because there is no experience before, probably will not go on these difficulties. Therefore, before the shop, these aspects of the problem to be ready, and find a way to deal with, so as to smooth shop.

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