T sounds good but can’t make money

looking for a job when people will look for decent work, the life of a lot of people think that the IT industry is a sound industry, but the industry’s prospects?

2001, Wuhan University doctoral student Guo Jinlai established the first national graduate employment service network platform – Chinese graduate talent network, through the network of online services in various forms, more than 100 employment Shuangxuan way for high-end talent employment docking, he also won the "2001 – 2005 Wuhan’s ten most influential creative people" "the eighth session of the ten outstanding young persons in Hubei province" and other honorary titles.

and Guo Jinlai were talking in an office at the Huazhong Normal University. Every time a teacher came in, Guo Jinlai will stand up and say hello to them, and told reporters that the teacher had to lend him money to start a business, which teacher had been in his difficult to help.

IT is good, but not good money

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