Why entrepreneurship 80% will fail but the entrepreneur’s life will be successful in 80%

Abstract: if you are brave enough to be on the road for three years, you are the winner. Do not talk about the virtual taste of the five mixed feelings, even from the point of view of the return of money, I believe that the courage to adhere to the entrepreneurial path to go, compared with the previous closed loop, there will be a better return.


80% business failure, entrepreneurship is extremely dangerous. Investors can say so, entrepreneurs can say that, but you can not say that, do not say that bystanders.

always meet some friends by the present business boom triggered the heart, came to ask me: so many venture capital financing to one, say you want to change the world, they can succeed? I said, 80% will fail.

then, the questioner seems to have found the answer and left with satisfaction.

it’s gone, and then.

this answer is a trap, a great smoke bomb.

these bystanders only know: 80% entrepreneurs will fail, they forget the next sentence: the entrepreneur’s life will be successful in the 80% (I said).

entrepreneurship is a practice, entrepreneurship is a career, entrepreneurship is a great adventure.

from the state of mind, entrepreneurs first brave choice adventure.

many people fail to return to their comfort zone when they hear that most of them fail, because they want to isolate risk.

but it’s impossible to get away from the adventure. Our career may be gone in 10 years, and we are not strong enough.

go up 10 times the prices do not look back, again determined to have no other career opportunities…… It is a great adventure to defend.

those who advocate venture big, just like the bottom of the stock market is still advocating the risk of people, is a great smoke bomb. Some people in the door, he builds up his brilliant building.

from the behavior of entrepreneurs, chose to fight, fight the deadly peacetime rare experience, only in the business world (politicians may play more is the heartbeat).

wonderful entrepreneurial process will never happen.

entrepreneurs began to take the team, the process of products, find customers, is fighting with people, it is wrapped around the process. And escape is no escape, no place to avoid. No money, money struggle; fight the spoils of the money.

, the acquisition of the terms of the investment rules, equity incentive, surrounded by accountants and lawyers, are sophisticated calculations.

The more

goes up, the more naked interests. With this interest for their interests. What brother and friends and customer defection against fraud, will occur in the business process of all. Good feelings, being naked or coerced.


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