Taiwan Taoyuan District of Longwen will visit the Zhangzhou youth entrepreneurship and innovation ba

, with double hot to carry out various activities and to support the introduction of the policy, more willing to come to the mainland Hong Kong and Macao Youth entrepreneurship. Recently, Taiwan Taoyuan QingChuang to Longwen Fujian District of Zhangzhou city to carry out business activities, the two sides will exchange a lively discussion of youth entrepreneurship.

12 5 afternoon, Taiwan Taoyuan will create a line of more than 20 people in the Zhangzhou municipal Party committee secretary of the Communist Youth League where Margaret, accompanied by Ceng Jingxian, Longwen District Standing Committee under the District of Longwen to carry out entrepreneurial exchange activities. Taoyuan County youth will visited the Longwen district and Longwen District, entrepreneurship and innovation base of public record space, understand Longwen innovation and entrepreneurship support policies.

in the field, Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of Longwen to create will be introduced in Longwen District Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship, innovation and Entrepreneurship of young members of Longwen District of in-depth exchanges, understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation situation of each project, and at the same time, Longwen district units responsible for a talk, in-depth understanding of Longwen district to encourage public entrepreneurship, innovation "policy support. Taoyuan County Youth Council members expressed the exchange activities to promote understanding between the two sides, provides a good opportunity to promote more youth entrepreneurship projects next docking, hope to introduce more young people from Taiwan to Longwen District in the development of entrepreneurial projects.

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