Why can attract customers in rural stores

is different from the city’s shops, often have a certain amount of traffic protection, which will have a certain guarantee for the operation of the store. The rural small shop passenger flow is not much, and now the competition is very fierce, want to do business to do, can be said to be difficult. And in my jurisdiction in the area, there is such a retail household, his store opened on the streets of the town, to buy things most of the surrounding villagers. But in addition to his shop, there are two shops on the street, so the competition is fierce.

in order to enhance the attractiveness of the store, I am trying to increase the customer’s needs. For customers to inquire about the goods, as long as he does not have a store, he will focus on to meet the needs of customers. Therefore, although his shop operating area of less than 40 square meters, but a variety of daily necessities and small packaging food is readily available. Like soap, often used in sewing, toilet water and other things these people in daily life, he will be a large number of purchase, to ensure adequate supply. And for some people to buy goods, such as candles, although the temporary power outage occurs rarely in the evening, but he will still focus on some, just in case.

for cigarettes, because the customer’s age, income and use different, the choice of price and brand is also very different, so he will try to enter several brands of cigarettes. After all, more brands, customers have greater room for choice, which can attract more customers to buy cigarettes here.

not long ago, I came to his shop to maintain the basic work, there are two young people to buy cigarettes edge split side muttered! Turn back and let our buddies come here!" Yes, the customer to his shop is to buy things, if you buy what nothing, the next natural will not come. If his shop is full, maybe he just wanted to buy the same goods, maybe he will buy some other goods.

a small shop can attract more customers, often because of the mastery of a certain operating rules, and such a law for the operation of other stores will naturally have the advantage. So, if you want to successfully open a shop, such a rural store management skills will help your business development?

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