WeChat’s public platform to open to the outside world to usher in a full blown outbreak of WeChat

a few years ago, the development of a mobile APP overnight riches can emerge in an endless stream of news. However, with the increasing number of mobile phone APP, the majority of entrepreneurs have been developed in the APP submerged in the tide of the mobile internet. Faced with the high cost of APP development and promotion costs, many mobile Internet entrepreneurs once again caught in a dilemma and confusion.

Tencent WeChat public platform continues to open up, so that mobile Internet entrepreneurs who saw a new opportunity. So entrepreneurs from all walks of life and well-known companies began to give up the development of APP, in turn into the development costs, lower cost of promotion, better effect of the WeChat public platform. For a time, WeChat has become a new outlet for the mobile Internet business, a large number of enterprises and entrepreneurial team to take off with WeChat.

finance, Jiu Fu Wukong financial riches myth by WeChat

The rise of

, P2P, baby financial model to raise public financing to China Internet Financial climax, there is no lack of excellence such as the balance of treasure by PC Internet and mobile internet financial APP created a miracle, but most internet financial entrepreneurs is also down in a pool of blood. Facing the fierce competition of APP, another domestic Internet financial enterprises, nine rich but act in a diametrically opposite way, 6-7’s financial products that no one launched APP, all built on WeChat public platform, especially under the financial Wukong is using public number, WeChat created financial circles the myth of wealth.

Wukong financial last September just on the line, the current valuation has more than hundreds of millions of dollars, registered users reached 3 million 200 thousand, turnover of more than 3 billion. It is only a static page website on the PC side, the mobile terminal only a WeChat public number, its history is really let people in the industry speechless. The reason, Liu Kuang think there are the following:

, of course, mainly due to the nine rich solid financial strength, especially the nine rich team to audit risk control risk and economic volatility risk, liquidity risk and strictly control. It is true to say, on the Internet financial risk control is the foundation of financial Wukong can obtain the user trust where.

second, for technical risk control is rapid to the financial backing of Wukong, nine rich platform network technology, users and transaction data storage, payment security and other aspects have been walking in the forefront of the domestic Internet financial platform.

third, Wukong financial cleverly using WeChat this social characteristics, effective interaction with the user, while many WeChat fans support, Jiu Fu has become the industry’s first break 10 million registered users of the platform.

fourth, Wukong financial high and stable income is the key to absorb many users to buy. Now in the bank under the extrusion of the baby class financial yields continue to decline, so many users put their money into the financial Wukong high degree of integrity, "

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