Hot summer to stall the most profitable trading

went to the annual, the most popular business stalls time. Now the streets and alleys of the night has been able to see a lot of stalls business, then, this summer, the stall in the end sell what can make money?

summer street vendor selling what the most profitable

is very suitable for the early entrepreneurs, multifunctional dry cleaning can remove oil, clothes stains, stains, pen pen stains, chewing gum stains, as long as the spray brush can wipe clean, reduce the number on the laundry, by the majority of white-collar elite praise; can save money for consumers, operators profit good baby; any family and age levels are available. Initial investment is only a few hundred thousand dollars, in order to stall promotions or home sales approach, gross margin can reach 70%~85%, the product life cycle is very long.

to the wholesale market Pidian fashionable goods, take a shelf, go to the pedestrian street night market to sell. This is the most common, profit doubled, it depends on how you choose clothes, there will be sold.

coin rings, of course is not made of coins. Price in a few cents, usually sell 5 yuan a. Give it a kind of value " coins to build, never fade " let people feel the value, so the fire for some time.

books and magazines, a ten yuan, the purchase price of five yuan, a lot of the supermarket there, you need to find a good place, can sell very well, but also can be sold for a long time, just started a little high.

do sell mobile phone accessories, mobile phone film, mobile phone now for some people is essential. Not much investment, profits can be closed, and now engaged in the industry has a lot of people, so do it carefully, and there is no different place, whether it is a product, or sales methods.

1  site selection

position is the correct choice of stall, stall first condition to make money. Even if you have good products, if you choose the wrong location, small business, big may also lead to "stand down". And then a serious blow to your self-confidence, the scientific location will allow you to get the advantage and business is booming.

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