What is the difference between a product manager of a large company or a small one

believes that many people are not familiar with the product manager, this career can now be said to be critical, but for large companies and small companies,

The scope of management and the role of

my experience, there are similarities and differences between these.

The difference between the size of the company product manager

processes at work: the company rules, small company effect.

and small companies pay more attention to the effect, you are willing to do more, do more of that. People are not happy, I open unhappy people is that you do things quickly do the most important.

although so operation is not sustainable, but the shortage of resources and time constraints, the effect is certainly the most preferred. This is also the reason for the small team action fast, but also the problem of small team exposed more reasons. Just as with the battery, the use of a long way to be useful for a long time, with a very useful way to be ruthless.

People with

, smart

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