What needs to pay attention to open mahjong three skills to master

is a very good choice to open a mahjong in the District, there are many consumers are very interested in this industry. So open mahjong in the operation of the need to pay attention to what matters? Xiaobian summed up for you, for reference only.

1, mahjong open notes – location.

first selected projects, is small. Residential building, the occupancy rate is the most important, followed by the residential grade, owners of consumption capacity. Chongwen and Yidu as an example. Xin collar people, residents to civil servants, businessmen based. Many friends, a wide range of communication, high income. Hall a table charges 30, between the elegant Chongwen and Yidu can only charge $20 this is the gap between the 40.

2, mahjong open note – hardware.

to business is good, good location is not enough. To allow guests to forget about it, there are two times, the three time. You have to make a good impression.

first is a good environment, decoration to spend money, to grade point, for example, the wall can not simply paint it, at least to spread the wallpaper, the kitchen can’t burn coal briquettes, otherwise will taste great, the toilet toilet should also clean and don’t smell too big. There is air conditioning, mosquito killer, etc.. These are the least details.

Another is to have

3, mahjong mahjong notes – software.

> and the second

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