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Abstract: the entrepreneurial team is the best two people, with a similar age, work experience and the financial situation, two people can respect each other, in the professional and complementary – is best for a person in charge of technology, a person caught marketing.


from the novel "ghost chuideng" adaptation of the two film: "nine demon tower", directed by Lu Chuan, starring Li Chen Mark and Yao Chenyue Xiaofeng; "dragon tactic", Chen Kun Hu Bayi play, Hsu Chi will be Shirley Yang, Huang Bo played the "fat man" Wang Kaixuan.

"nine layer" demon tower rihu Bayi began in Kunlun Mountains on the army, retired to Beijing as librarian, after the team do guide early is senior employees, even if a late at most local exploration experience guides and technical advisers, are employed by people.

"dragon tactic" is not the same. Hu Bayi, Wang Pangzi and Yang from Shirley who is a small team, although often quarrel bicker, but in fact not only a clear division of labor, Hu Bayi of the whole team has the absolute leadership. Although the three have "wash", but in the goddess tomb at the reunion, because "the ghoul is here", employers need to rise the price, seems to have a fair talk about cooperation outsourcing company.

The role of

not only let Chen Kunbi Mark set a more lovable can dominate the plot, but also makes "dragon tactic" in Hu Bayi "nine layer than in the" demon tower for entrepreneurship. If I were an angel investor, I would put money in the Dragon tactic Hu eighty-one instead of nine demon tower, there are several reasons for this.

1, founder of technology rich work experience

"nine layer" demon tower rihu 81 adventure completely out of the blue, the big bang Kunlun Mountains accident, working in the local people out makeshift expedition. After the encounter retreat was sealed, drowning, avalanche, monster, the rest of the team are all dead, the protagonist survive by aura, no technology at all.

If the

is second times of the desert to find all the work of Prof. Yang, Hu Bayi experienced only in a few years when the library administrator, archaeological journals and books from Professor Yang, with no fat related knowledge, Shirley Yang Banren half demon, with not a son of Hu bayi.


" in Hu Bayi dragon tactic technical ability and work experience is much stronger. The tomb of rihu 81 rely on compass, gossip and "dragon tactic" solve puzzles, find out and solve the dilemma, IQ and professional knowledge are enough. The leader’s ability to solve the problem is directly related to the success or failure of the entrepreneurial team, smart and not afraid of difficult leaders are often able to hold on longer.

tomb as a priority technology industry, founder of the technical ability and professional level is very high, many ancient tomb practitioners are family businesses, generations of ancestors.

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