How to do a stall to earn money

it is understood that there are many entrepreneurs in the market now, there are a lot of people do not have too many venture capital, at the very beginning, chose to stall. But how can we make money? This is a question that puzzles everyone. You know, a lot of people are not willing to lay down their face, to set up a stall, he is always careless, always can’t do it well. Next, Xiao Bian to give you a weapon, to see how to make money.

1. put down the face

put down the face is the first important factor, not what terrible, entrepreneurship must know hard work shop, must have the courage to overcome their own to take the first step, only experienced rain to see the rainbow, even if the stall are afraid, do not talk about what lofty ambition, what to be successful (house, the car, lady) is a dream. How to make money? To have the spirit of one step at a time, even if the future to do a big business, we want you to have a shop selling experience that will be the source of your strong psychological factors. If anyone looks down on the stall, he certainly can not be in the future.

2, select a good entry point

find a good market, don’t make it too complicated, do not like selling merchandise, as long as you can sell the same. Remember you are a stall! Not wholesaler. For beginners, there are a few people who can choose the market to sell, but do you think the market potential of things, but do not follow the trend, the market has a lot of products do not sell, because already saturated, you can not get too many repeat customers. We are part-time baidenan, so we choose not to the backlog of rotten goods (food); at night to sleep during the day to work, so we choose not to snack foods (snack food must have to sell at night).

3, choose a good time

holiday is a good opportunity for money you must be willing to give up these. Popularity is the lifeline of the stall, the faster you can sell goods to make money, not the higher the price to make money. After dinner at night is a good time to sell, 16:30 is about 17:30 hours is very popular, can enjoy the sales items, because people are tired of working out saw good fun will stop at have a desire to buy. Of course, can also produce food sales opportunities, snack food staple food is poor, because it is close to dinner time, 17:30 about 20:30 after the rice bowl time people shopping activities began to spread, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure supplies sales opportunity came.

4, the choice of high quality and low price of practical goods

, after all, is a stall business, do not expect, recommend

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