Jiangsu science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship training

entrepreneurship related public service training is the current provinces and municipalities for the lack of knowledge of the status quo of a means of help. Jiangsu innovation and entrepreneurship training courses to science and technology as the main body, for young entrepreneurs who poke fog, find their own path of development.

bluntly:   good business environment, but less well-known enterprises

"Nanjing overall good entrepreneurial atmosphere, after all, is a north-south thoroughfare, more immigration city, will naturally have a vitality." Yuan Yue told the morning news reporter, he and some friends in Nanjing had just talked about, some projects and entrepreneurial ideas really good.

spicy comments:

is actually not just mothers, family’s parents are not consciously interference young people choose life. Even a lot of their own Jiangsu relatives of Yuan Yue, who is the child to college, recommended

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