Lanzhou 1235 innovation and entrepreneurship construction projects to support significant results

innovation and entrepreneurship activities in China’s current slogan has been deep into the folk, led a number of entrepreneurs to carry out a number of entrepreneurs. However, only the number of value-added is not enough, we need high-quality employment entrepreneurial results.

create "business model Street", cultivate 40 public record space, support 3100 Small and micro businesses, create 2 to 3 "million" local transfer of labor base…… 2016, Lanzhou will focus on promoting the realization of higher quality employment entrepreneurship.

3100 to support Small and micro businesses

new training base

vigorously implement the strategy of employment priority. On the realization of more fully and higher quality of employment, the human resources market, labor market and public employment service agencies as a platform to students registration, file management, small loans, occupation training, employment data statistical analysis, labor training and other employment services as the starting point, vigorously promote and implement the the employment of preferential policies to promote all types of employment.

vigorously implement the "1235" innovation and entrepreneurship projects. "1", that is, the full implementation of the Lanzhou public entrepreneurship, innovation package policy. "2", that is, to vigorously promote entrepreneurship platform construction projects and entrepreneurship entities to support the growth of the project to start the development of two projects. "3", that is, the establishment of venture evaluation expert library, entrepreneurial project library, entrepreneurial mentor library, such as innovation and entrepreneurship service library three. "5", that is to build business support platform, 000 enterprises plan to support business students sail the sea platform, Lanzhou multi-creation space development platform, service platform and business model innovation District propaganda guidance platform five platform.

8 in the county to carry out "business model Street" to create work, cultivate the public record found in the 40 space, the establishment of Lanzhou city public record space alliance. Support 3100 small and micro enterprises, electricity providers, convenience stores and incubated enterprises, new college graduates trainee base of 80.

create 2 to 3 "million" local transfer of labor base

the implementation of college graduates "livelihood projects" and "three of a help recommended

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