Chongqing 2016 spring action site recruitment and entrepreneurship campaign ended

after the Spring Festival, the employing units are beginning to recruit workers also embarked on the road of employment, entrepreneurship. Chongqing to coordinate all kinds of resources, especially held in 2016 spring action to help employers and workers docking, and set up a business information service platform.

to meet postganglionic employer demand for human resources and labor employment needs, and create a good start for entrepreneurship and innovation in 2016, to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, Jiangjin District of Chongqing city in February 19th successfully hosted the 2016 spring action site recruitment and business promotion activities, with employment and entrepreneurship "spring wind" blowing warm people heart.

with entrepreneurial employment, promote economic development in the region, is seen as an important magic weapon to solve the employment problem of the labor force, the government and all sectors of society to support. The majority of entrepreneurs can not miss this opportunity to venture.

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