How to open a coffee shop decoration

for many entrepreneurs, the choice of beverage industry has a lot of room for development. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people know how to enjoy life, work spare time to go back to drink coffee. Good coffee shop decoration, you can bring better traffic.

and Starbucks and other coffee shops located in a relatively narrow population of different level, two or three city coffee shop is located in the popular fashion crowd. In the service content, not only provide a variety of delicious coffee drinks, but also provide a variety of flavor of Chinese and Western meal. The reporter found in the EZ shop in Langfang, a part of the customer here consumption is not rushing to taste the coffee, is here to enjoy the delicious meal. In the red, brown and creamy white surrounded by strong coffee aroma in the air echoed, which may be a comfort, petty feeling.

if investors choose to join the shop mode in two or three city, so we must carry out strict assessment in store scale. Under normal circumstances, the franchise headquarters will choose a variety of models for investors to choose. To cite as an example, including the two main modes: the Duke of Bourbon coffee shop, cafe Louis glory. The business area of 500 square meters, the investment to join the brand for a fee of $88 thousand, the brand margin is 20 thousand yuan, the investment recovery period is expected for 8-12 months; the latter is as Chinese market flagship store, business area of 500 square meters, brand investment franchise fee is 108 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan deposit brand. Other franchise brands to join the investment in this standard slightly floating.


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