Three years three years and three years old where entrepreneurial undead left for the king

didn’t go to the tomb, did not go to work in the glass factory, a teacher became today in the old aged. When the April 8th vintage in the title WeChat issued a public number in "the life of the holding in my hand" Tuquan the distance he appeared in April 2015 where the customer "love letter" conference, had been a year old, and where the customer has come to ninth years.

three years three years and three years, the first three years in 20 billion, Han Han signed a valuation on the upgrade, and Wang Luodan, VANCL style become fashionable for a time. Second three years of rapid expansion, we go astray, quality control, customer churn, by the end of 2011 the stock reached 1 billion 445 million yuan, a total loss of nearly 600 million yuan. The most serious, where the inventory of up to two billion, the debt of more than one billion, the company every month is still a net loss of 80 million. People think that we must die, old may disappear in the public eye.

another cattle forced gem: the undead, left for the king

A third

in the three year, is the last three years. No matter from any point of view, such a company has not died, is definitely a miracle.

when the 2014 "public entrepreneurship, innovation" has become a national strategy and social tide, in the old product where customers do subtraction, clearing inventory and debts. When winter comes 2015 capital investment circles shouted "90% startups die" relentless thriller, vintage continued work on where customers do subtraction, clearing inventory and debts. In addition to release in August 2014 2015 release of shirts, T-shirts and outside designer canvas shoes, where almost no more action. Now, aged debts and inventory problems have been solved, we have spent two years to adjust, is traveling light.

this year, business people and projects like bamboo shoots after a spring rain constantly emerge, dense. But the business is really a close call success or even very lucky for escaping death, listed companies, is very niubi. But there are also a cow force, this is old, after nine years of entrepreneurship we die.

of course, accumulated over the years due to old people and where the customer itself good product and brand gene, the past nine years, we won the 7 round of financing. Even in very difficult at the end of 2013, the company has been millet Lei Jun lead investor, IDG, ceyuan LIAN, Saif, Qiming, Temasek, CITIC, and other employers jointly participate in the every guest in the seventh round of formal financing, the size of more than $100 million.


may be hard to return to the peak, listed on the road that is out of reach, but for the aged, the experience of peaks and valleys of the entrepreneurial process to become a long time, the new stage a comeback and a venture capital, after all life is left for the king, the everlasting.


poetry and distance, can let the aged live better

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