t would be better to set up bait shop for customers

a lot of goods because it is not the daily necessities, customers will not necessarily buy, but if the store can set the "bait", which will undoubtedly be able to attract more customers, so that the business of the shop is more popular. Because of this, I often make posters myself at the shop door and introduce some promotions to attract customers.

one day, a friend brought 20 cell phone cards, said to sell rebates, so I decided to try, and then wrote a sea newspaper posted outside the door. Not long ago, there are 5 migrant workers standing in front of the brothers talk. They just got off work on the site and wanted to take a lunch break. I hurried up and said, "what do you need?!" One of the older brother is not assured to ask: "one month" opportunity cost "only 9 yuan?" I seriously replied: Yes, this is just the new business, 29 yuan cheaper than last year, more than 1/3."

look at them still hesitate, I said: "it doesn’t matter, come in and have a look!" Maybe it was my enthusiasm that infected them. They came in one by one. Needless to say, I took 5 bottles of free mineral water from the shelf, and let them drink and listen to me. Just the man says: "we don’t take what packages, as long as the phone line. 9 yuan a month, or expensive." Finish saying go.

"it’s not too late for you to hear me out." I have a very detailed tariff on a piece of paper to write to a younger person to listen, and finally said: "9 yuan a month gave 100 minutes of free calls, and I have good manners at the store." Unexpectedly, when they are not concerned about the communication fee, but what kind of gift to send. I have no time to answer them, just to sell a crisis: "it must make you satisfied!" So, only 10 minutes, the 4 cards on the shot. In order to satisfy them, each of us sent a large cup.

if there are no gifts such as "bait", these customers will reach this deal? I am afraid that the answer is not clear. And look at them happily out of the door, I deeply appreciate: let customers buy at ease, in addition to have enthusiasm, but also have bait, so as to retain customers. Of course, the bait must be within the scope of the ability.

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