To share the management skills of the snack bar

living standards improve, people always have a variety of specialty snacks have a plus, a lot of snacks franchise stores are very successful, then they have what acid shop management secrets? Xiaobian for you to sort out:

1. snacks to join the selection of varieties

but note that any fast-food business varieties are not too complex, or both will make you a fast-food restaurant is no characteristics, but also virtually increased the workload of the kitchen and the restaurant became difficult to operate. There are two options: one is a fast food shop only a fast-food business variety, or business meals, either business or business noodles, pasta.

A, according to the Shandong people eat pasta characteristics of Shandong snacks franchisees who wish to point operating mainly run part of other two varieties by. A fast food restaurant must not be exhaustive, what kind of business, all varieties add up to about 20 is enough.

2. snacks store location and location

3. snacks store size and decoration

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