Li Kaifu college students should avoid entering the five mistakes

"no experience" three words that many college graduates crashed on the road of entrepreneurship, lack of experience and young entrepreneurs become the wrong choice of pain. Li Kaifu has put forward the most vulnerable to enter the 5 college students to enter the wrong, to help college students to examine themselves, to avoid quick success and detours.

for many domestic college students have their own ideas but not willing to let investors know the practice of Li Kaifu thought, "ideas change everything" the situation is really rare in real life. The idea is not the most valuable, if the investors in the ‘creative’ and ‘entrepreneurs’ choose one of them, there must be more investors choose the latter. Entrepreneurs who include the so-called non intelligence factors, including entrepreneurial orientation, personality, entrepreneurial team and execution, etc.."

three mistakes: entrepreneurship is listed.

"business purpose is not only to make money and not listed, in order to defeat competitors. Young entrepreneurs should have a mind to create a positive entrepreneurial ecosystem." Li Kaifu warned that the listing, making money is not the ultimate goal of entrepreneurship, college entrepreneurs should be the biggest ideal is to create and improve the industry chain, using technology to benefit users. For example, in the Internet industry, when the network users, content producers and advertisers are able to share your technology, and to achieve win-win results and experience, it can be regarded as a success."

will "start" directly equated with "technological entrepreneurship", and "technology entrepreneurship" directly equated with "patent", is a more common idea of domestic college entrepreneurs in Li Kaifu’s view, entrepreneurial success depends largely on whether "university student entrepreneurs aware of the market", including the understanding of the market, to the user’s profound insight, as well as the interests of the users to understand and respect.

"risk investment provides not only money." Li Kaifu said, according to his observation, when the first money to get it, they began to exclude investors to participate in their views as their intervention. The value of venture capital is far above money. In addition to money, they can introduce students contacts, inexperienced customers recommend

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