How to protect the environment Xiamen 20 green muck truck put into use

behind the economic development, there are also a series of problems, such as in the process of economic development, the problem of garbage disposal is also of concern. Mud, mud can not be overloaded, can not be dumped, will not drip leakage"…… Yesterday, the reporter learned from the city’s large traffic office, the Xiamen subway construction with environmentally friendly waste transport technology, 20 green muck truck is trying to solve the problem of traditional muck transport technology.

it is understood that in June of this year, the city’s largest traffic office to convene the relevant departments of the construction of the subway, special research on the use of a new type of environmental protection in the construction of the muck car road safety issues. In the study, muck office, management office and other departments as a new environmentally friendly muck car has higher efficiency of construction, and is expected to be from the source to solve the problem of traditional muck truck transport overload, drip leakage, indiscriminate dumping of.

in October this year, these 20 new environmentally friendly muck truck was incorporated into the city’s construction waste gravel management platform unified management, limited to the use of subway construction. City muck office staff Zhang Yuanan also told reporters that the environmental protection muck car is currently used in the subway line 2 site, belonging to the subway.

at present, 20 units of new environmental protection car in charge of Wuyuan Bay near the subway construction site removal of sediment, running more than a half months, has been recognized in the environmental protection and safety. The car can also be used as a temporary closed box "yard" – dug in the construction of the muck, can be directly loaded into the box, and then towed the tractor.

this green muck car designed by Xiamen real-time supply chain Co. Ltd. "research and development, the use of fully enclosed" environmental protection waste removal box, box by the Xiamen city product quality supervision and Inspection Institute inspection on the airtightness and use intensity etc..


does not overload not speeding drip drip leakage

new environmental protection waste transport technology in urban construction and construction of environmental significance

overload and overspeed safety accidents, resulting in leakage of muck pollution pavement influence of city life environment — part of the traditional muck cars do not follow the rules and laws, to bring the industry a bad reputation to the residents living at the same time, also has a certain degree of interference.

this situation is expected to change, the subway construction in Xiamen, the use of the "Xiamen real time supply chain Co. Ltd." new environmental sediment transport technology, the key technology in environmental protection car, with unique design, to ensure the removal of the mud muck, environmental protection and safety, but also to bring clean and tidy city construction.

the day before yesterday, the reporter went to the subway construction site in Wuyuan Bay near the deep secret Xiamen subway Shi Jian

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