Provide a service for customers around the store

is now a lot of shopkeepers are good at communication, daily life will also continue to communicate with peers. While online retail users, every day is very busy, we will discuss a variety of problems, this is not the day before yesterday, another friend put forward the question, now the rapid development of the electricity supplier, bring a thriving express industry, some courier express on the cell door or retail store directly to our users in order to facilitate easy so, we want retailers collecting parcels, should charge a service fee?

this topic aroused sympathy, some people think that the income, after all, the parcel is time-consuming, but also bear part of the responsibility, some people think that is not the current business difficult to do, after all, are little things, such as adding feelings and to live in the hearts of customers, we can say Different people, different views. is debated. I have been paying attention to everyone’s point of view, in the end, can not help but express their ideas.

this topic is very interesting, we store, basically is often the information center to nearby residents, especially in rural areas and City District retailers especially, can have the opportunity to help the residents or villagers collecting some letters and parcels, which itself for the shop is a free publicity, if any in the cost of collecting parcels, I feel more harm than good, or not as good.

why? A parcel, no matter how much do you charge, collecting parcels of income is very limited, but can give you convenience, believe that stores will bring great popularity, is because it is free of the collection, so the parcel owner certainly have to be a grateful, we used to shop as a collection of parcels of letters the place, often nothing will go to the shop to see, perhaps, by the way will take the goods they needed to buy.

if the parcel also charge fees, will allow the villagers or district residents have a bad idea, feeling the mercenary, only the value of money, if give you a drill in the money in the eyes of the impression, the negative impact on the entire store will be difficult to make up for. Even if customers feel that they should be charged, but also willing to pay, so they will have to pay for their own, there is no account of the owner of the human feelings of the.

so, with their unpaid pay to bring convenience, which in itself is a very good publicity to the shop, gold silver cup as everyone’s reputation, good reputation, the business of the shop will be on the upgrade, it is the vision, give up the parcel take advantage of this generation of small profits, earn people, so better.

so, after such a free service for the store’s business development is helpful? In fact, over the years, my store is almost everyone’s Information Center, whether it is a postman or courier, like the letter >

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