Entrepreneurs reflect why do we fail to do C2C used car

2013 we began to pay attention to the second-hand car industry, the car is also very interested in, want to do a website or app, can provide ease of cheap second-hand car trading services, there is a lot of traffic, but more than 58 city classified information more assured.

because the second-hand car on the 58 city, some car dealers, and some are posing as individual car dealers selling cars, as well as some people selling cars. From the top of the car, even with a car, such as vehicle age and mileage close to fit the price difference is still very large, a second-hand car how much money is reasonable price? Then find the vehicle information value from the website, then contact the seller, for those of US car white, even after the car is still not how reassuring, this car is not the car accident, fire, water car, car? Maybe, after buying the car found this car several times, resold several times, but the seller does not lie to be ignored. So we hope to be able to solve these problems and pain points in our website or APP can be a good solution to help buyers can buy cheap vehicles.

we take 58 contrast Taobao, take our project contrast Jingdong mall. One is to do information platform, one is to do self platform. A heavy quantity, a heavy quality. So we want to do a good rest assured that the car, cheap car helper service (did not know the concept of O2O), do the second-hand car industry Jingdong mall, which is our business logic products. Because users spend a lot of time Amoy cost-effective things, it may not be true to the real vehicle, not to mention the quality of the car, not as a safe platform to buy things, as well as after-sales service guarantee. We strictly source the quality of the car, do a good job of ground service, so that buyers rest assured that the seller shuxin.

that’s what we were thinking at the time, starting in early 2014, we’re ready to start.

starts from 0 to 1, suffering MVP

however, in the face of the actual operation, we found a lot of problems, how to find the source, how to find customers, how to do customer service service, how to snowball development, a lot of things to consider.

that year, we do not know how to use the car, do not know how to find the source of the car, so that we have more quality assurance on the site of the car source.

since we’re from 0 to 1, we’re not facing millions of users, but only about one hundred or two hundred users. How can we have a buyer and how to make the user can be very happy in the online Amoy car?

the first question is that we do not know the source of the car should cooperate with the car to get the car quickly, or a person looking for a car?

difference lies in: first, if the direct cooperation with car manufacturers, the company is relatively easy to get the source. Second, if you look for a personal car source, some car prices have a larger floating price and flexibility.

The second problem with

is that our platform is the ultimate consumer

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