How much does it cost to open a paint shop

the current development of the real estate business, so that the big market is also faced with the development of large space, in this context, the opening of a paint shop naturally became a lot of people choose. However, entrepreneurship is the need for funds to shop. So, how much does it cost to open a paint shop?

In fact,

opened a paint shop investment can not be much money, below we detail the specific details of the paint shop investment projects.

to open the paint shop, we must make full investment preparation. Investigation of the local market paint, paint brand choice, store location, delivery tools, decoration aspects of interpersonal relationship and so on, as long as the account of these factors, like a paint shop to make money, they have a certain degree of confidence, then you should start taking a paint shop.

since we have decided to open a paint shop, then we have to look at our local market. We have to understand the local paint market conditions, such as: what are the local high-grade paint price of the brand, what are the mid-range price of the brand, the brand of low-cost paint what? Various grades of profits and sales, sales channels? After comparison, decided to do their own grades of paint brands, in order to calculate how much money need to shop.


we decided to do paint brand quality, we should analyze their relations and friends can do the decoration decoration company, sales channels, such as the painter, paint shop, paint retail distribution, which they have comparative advantages, so that we in the shop when you can start from this first of all, to ensure the new paint store profit. For example, they have some friends to do the decoration team, we can in the paint shop opened after the priority with these friends to play a good relationship, the decoration can be used in paint paint shop to get goods.


to determine their relationship in the paint decoration, I can find a store; paint store general choice will be in the building materials market, building materials and other building materials Street is relatively concentrated or relatively centralized place; so we can guarantee the store’s exposure rate, let more consumers know the paint shop there the specific choice; but also consider their own financial pressure, they want to do big market.


paint store choice to find good, we need to start looking for a paint brand agent; many friends said, himself in the vicinity of the paint agent goods can, however, is convenient; we should take into account the profit and market share; first, we take the goods from the coating agents there has third hand goods, profits have been part of our agents to eat, profits will become very thin.

followed by brand awareness, brand awareness of paint; has been done in the local paint brand, the price will be >

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