Now declare 2016 small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation base city

since Premier Li Keqiang proposed to the public entrepreneurship and innovation slogan, from top to bottom to carry out a dynamic entrepreneurial tide, which is one of the main support of small and micro enterprises is one of the objects.

second group of Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base city "to start reporting

caiban built [2016]17,

the relevant provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) finance department (bureau) of small and medium-sized enterprises, departments, the office of science and Technology (Commission, bureau), the competent departments of Commerce, administration of industry and Commerce:

A, for city demonstration of the province (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government, and the same below), by the provincial finance department joint letter, science and technology, commerce, industry and commerce departments to apply for the five sector. Provinces recommended 1 cities (provincial capital cities, the general level cities, municipalities directly under the central government), separately listed cities. The city has been included in the two demonstration provinces this time no longer declare.

two provinces city should implement the recommended scheme according to the compilation of "2016 Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship and innovation base city demonstration implementation plan guide" requirements, should be to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation "as the main line, fully reflects the business led, government services, policy integration, mechanism innovation" principle, general idea scientific planning support entrepreneurship and innovation, with the preparation of 2016-2018 three years, demonstration demonstration target content, safeguard measures, highlight the regional characteristics and industry characteristics, a clear division of responsibility.

three provinces shall submit the application documents and implementation plan to recommend the city before April 29, 2016 (including electronic version). Five goalkeeper to organize competitive selection.

The Ministry of industry and Information Office of

The general office of the Ministry of science and technology

The general office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce

2016 February 6th

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