Online entrepreneurs how to play micro blog

play micro-blog has become a part of the daily lives of the majority of users, a number of feelings, reproduced interesting news, etc., with a large number of fans groups, so that more people form a larger group. If you ask what is the hottest Internet applications this year, the earth people are aware of the non micro-blog micro-blog, micro-blog has just announced that registered users over 200 million, Sina’s valuation has been up to billions of dollars. Television, newspapers and other media often report on what happened on micro-blog, the government departments have also opened the official micro-blog, and in order to dispel the gap between the ordinary Internet users. For the Internet application of the most sensitive B2C e-commerce sites and group buying sites have entered the micro-blog platform to carry out their marketing activities, and get very good results from

the current micro-blog or media properties stronger, which gathered a large number of individual users, the more active is the author and media celebrities who in various industries, micro-blog gave us a normally difficult to obtain and exchange and let the media industry celebrities will focus on your machine. Entrepreneurs are thinking about how to promote all day, how to let more users know. So far, there have been a lot of individuals or small businesses through the creative activity planning in the outbreak of the micro-blog platform, thus driving the enterprise brand communication and market expansion.

micro-blog makes the distance between people can instantly narrow, through the label, topic search methods such as distinguish various types of users, we do Internet product design often mention is a word, "make the user satisfied product", "the product must help users in a on the one hand, the difficulty can be a long time". How to get user needs, micro-blog gives us a quick access to user feedback, and real-time dialogue with the user. The new product pre market research, product testing, product improvement, after-sales service and so on can be obtained through micro-blog;

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