How to join clannad

snacks in the brand what kind of join the project more popular, according to the small series of experience, I feel that the donut is a good entry. Donut (DONUTS), also known as Tang Na with AIDS, AIDS, mid nineteenth Century originated in the United States (or Holland). Since then, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea sought after fashion food. In 2010, clannad based on Asian consumption patterns, with Japan and South Korea’s raw material technology entered into a strategic partnership. In the rapid development of China, the establishment of the donut business, a variety of creative thinking donut brand, and the first to enter the two or three tier cities in china. Clannad doughnuts with sweet and lovely shape, superior taste, as countless girls beloved dessert delicacy. Over the past few years, the country has grown fast, store up to the market to cover a wide range of donuts brand. So how do you join


how to join clannad

join clannad:

1, identity clannad brand culture, brand

practice the concept of home dumplings

2, recognized the dumpling decoration style, management mode, to the headquarters of the unified management, willing to accept the full range of

training system

3, have a certain economic strength, willing to devote themselves into the career

sweet dumpling

4, love life, like dumplings grow quickly, bring sweet and happy

for more buddy

5, such as the existing pavement, street shops must meet 4 metres wide, less than 30 square size.

clannad procedure:

A, consulting

network, telephone or mail to clannad, product information and specific conditions to join

B, qualification

intention to join, the headquarters of the relevant contact within 3 days after the audit assessment, for the requirements of the customer, the company will arrange further contact.

C, appointment interview

through the initial evaluation of customers will be invited to the company, dumpling store visits, expand the specific interview on various issues, detailed answers to the questions.

D, intention to sign

reached a consensus on the basis of the two sides signed a letter of intent to join the alliance, to join the partner

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