Clothing stores do not open in what place

shop to do site work, we not only need to store to choose a suitable place, also need to avoid some shops not suitable for a shop where the probability so as to allow shops to get higher success. So, if you are interested in a clothing business, want to invest in the opening of the clothing store entrepreneurs, do you know what is not suitable for shop? In other words, clothing stores do not open where?

clothing is joined after the food and beverage industry after joining the second sunrise industry, its market space is even more extensive than the restaurant joined. So many people stare at this opportunity, have joined the industry to come. To this end, experts special tips, open clothing stores, in order to succeed in business, select the address is a very important step. We should open the shop where we can bring a lot of profit. Today Xiaobian to share with you is not the place where the clothing store can not be opened. We must not covet petty gain, choose some bad places, so your shop rent is saved, but your profit may be gone. So pay attention.

clothing stores do not open where? The following four places are the most unsuitable.

1, new investment places to be careful

new investment places to be careful, the traditional market to make money. New investment shops, reputation is not great, people are not many, and has not yet formed a certain effect, and the traditional market is not easy to shop success.

2, a small shop

in order to solve the problem of funds, reduce pavement area. The smaller the shop, the lower the benefit. Do not calculate the rent, human waste should also be considered. Small shops, not only to bring some difficulties to the decoration, and to put the goods to bring some trouble, can not better show the clothing to the customer. Want to open a good clothing store, store investment is the key.

3, width depth

has no depth of shallow, width, front shop only greatly cheap, run, or wholesale, larger flow of people. Fine facade requirements slightly deeper, four positive. We open a clothing store or to find a certain space of the store, in the store on the choice to try to avoid such shops.

4, corner store

gold silver edge market corner edge. This shop is often at a disadvantage, the price is too low, if the site selection, be careful, this shop is often see more, buy less goods, even if it is difficult to give priority to as good shopping, nature is not suitable to open clothing stores.


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