Aquatic garden investment high profit margins

for countless no qualifications, no skills entrepreneurs, farming has become a very viable way to get rich. Of course, if you want to rely on such a way to get rich, you need to be careful in the selection of natural varieties. Here, Xiao Bian recommended, aquaculture yard farming is actually a small investment high profit, high degree of feasibility.

Laibin City aquatic animal husbandry and veterinary department and the women’s Federation, Poverty Alleviation Office and other relevant departments jointly promote the family, a young fisherwoman "courtyard culture mode, using the space construction of fishing pool farmers Fangqianwuhou, ponds, etc., loach cowfish variety, increase the income of farmers. Wuxuan County town of three old town of a village Tuen has a family of farmers through the family garden breeding, household income of more than $15 per year in more than 30 thousand.

Longzhou County by backyard Turtle farming has reached 438 households, three line breed box turtle, turtle, turtle, turtle, Asian giant, Zuo Jiangbie paleasteindachneri etc.. The number of turtle aquaculture reached more than 70 thousand, the annual output of 175 tons, the output value of 70 million yuan, the profit amounted to about 30000000 yuan, farming households are more than 150 thousand yuan output value, per capita net income of 22 thousand yuan. Only Longzhou Zhen Li Min Jie 85 households, 73 households have engaged in the courtyard of the total number of turtle aquaculture, Limin street 85.9%, Turtle farming income accounted for more than half the annual income of residents.

could increase so much income, really surprised many people, but, if you want to do in planting and breeding career, if you still do not know the choice of what kind of varieties, then, a small make up this article, now whether you already know what career to do the?

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