Adult supplies 300% net profit margins steady earnings

just by selling "toys" profit adult supplies shop, how far can go? Orange tells you: from the first store in 2006 so far, has opened 850 stores across the country, all over the river to the new monthly growth rate of more than and 20.

like convenience stores like


There is a saying:

2006, orange adult supplies in Beijing City, north of Haidian District Road, opened the first store, in the operation for a long period of time, began to do chain. By December 2007, there were 300 stores. In the chain industry, "300" is an important milestone, good or bad, have to look after the 300. Paul Liu said, there have been two companies reached 300, but in the end only a few years to ensure that the number of orange to join, and most of the stores can guarantee fresh operation.

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