To be able to do business with the pace of the times the whole

shop to do business is to serve the public, and the public’s aesthetic often combined with the times. So, if you want to successy run a shop, naturally need to keep up with the pace of the times, so that the probability of success can make the store higher. For this, I have deep experience, but also to the use of my shop management.

to leave the home from the retail business since the operation, I feel in the concept of a completely changed. Just started the business of that time, every night inventory eyes staring at dozens of dollars, hundreds of dollars turnover, the in the mind is not the taste of children, so go on, the rent can not cover, talk about how to make money?

heard the boss of my unit retain the words: "now a factory has been completely to you, I give you the treatment is not thin, handy work all the time, colleagues get along well, what do you want to get up to go home to open shop, those are old man, old grandma to pass the time do not engage in the business, to finally be back home, see my parents". Can’t beat a retreat, I have to make a way to let them see below.

I began to search on the Internet, the first increase in the variety and business scope of the store, the customer came, will not appear so no, so the situation is out of stock. Then looks in the eye, what are the , I what to buy back their own trial, take the sweater chain, I wear a sweater collocation, then hanging out, the beauty of the girls can not move?

summer, I give the tall husband back onto the black tiger Qinglong, occasionally a variety of tattoo stickers, I also in the arm attached exquisite small butterfly, rose not only a bud just ready to burst, the girls come to me please I posted, and more than and 60 year old fashion aunt, I come here to buy tattoos.

remember last summer, a batch of new goods to my home, the hotel to buy food aunt once selected 10 tattoo stickers. Then go on and repeatedly told me: "the next time a new style home, do not forget to tell me the first time oh". Then is the popular online shoes, warm paste, popular what I’ll sell what the popular time, I then put on the shelves of other new products.

if the store sells the product has always been the same, even if the moment to attract customers, it is difficult to do for a long time. So, I will according to the market demand to add these hot commodity, and since these Tim selling products, the store is also selling drinks, the daily turnover from the previous decades, hundreds of hundreds of thousands of up to now. From a few years of operation so that I understand: business also need to keep up with the pace of the times!

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