Hangzhou eight best cake

I am a small food lovers, but I love food, love is tangled, why? Because love is destined to have no good food. But I still do not love my heart. Today Xiaobian to recommend investors to eat the size of Hangzhou’s most famous * best to eat the cake, if you also want to open such a pastry shop, the world chowhound friends will love you very much.

1. osmanthus cake

talked about how Hangzhou can not say sweet scented osmanthus cake! It tastes like! Although it is soil, but I still want to say! What is called! Export! That is! Of! Contained in the mouth feel the whole autumn! Osmanthus fragrans! The goddess of the moon. In a word with no predecessors after no good to taste to float!

2. cake

yeah, that’s him! Although the long long thin and very soft! But for me it is simply "turn round cake" every time after eating a "U-turn" to buy a! Outside the skin like glutinous rice cake! Q play slightly sticky teeth, but bite, hot bean paste immediately from the mouth spewing out gone for ever!

3. Wu Shan butter cake

delicious to the pain! Cry! Flow! Tears! Wipe all wipe! What Macarons! What the girl’s breasts! This is my big Hangzhou girl’s breasts, oh no, love you!! This body is a soft rain, cotton, sugar, entrance crisp and a little cool sweet one down the whole people like to Suma into the arms of God obama!!

4. Ding Sheng cake

the trials of a long journey always feeling, how do you do not Hangzhou! People who haven’t been here should have heard of Hangzhou’s victory cake! When steamed, tender pink powder still steaming hot, only the left for the right hand, right hand in the left hand, running between the bite, just! Happiness to tears in my eyes! Delicious to want to isolate!!!!! Give me a piece of cake I’m willing to give up the rhythm of the world!!


orange cake

delicious to anger from the heart, evil to the edge of the health!!! Soft shells QQ sweet honey orange! Red! Cake! In the end is how to do it! It’s delicious! But tastes may be relatively small, but as a return (BI) Pu (GE) to (Zhen) true (GAO) of the Hangzhou people, or to the recommended blood, fling caution to the winds!!!!

6. Ma Lan cake

good to hold the head in Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. >

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