Expert analysis of the food and beverage industry in 2016

2016, Chinese officially entered the construction period in 13th Five-Year, according to the forecast, this year the number of entrepreneurs will continue to increase. In January 5, 2016, O2O sponsored by the Shenzhen catering can —2016 Shenzhen specialty food brands summit, the summit invited the Anhui kitchen founder Xu Lu, 3W coffee Zhang Xiaoqiang, cloud taste museum founder He Wei, catering O2O founder Luo Huashan, founder of the Sui Zhengjun hut barbecue, lewd pie salad, zygote kitchen, bakers, eat local food micro Shenzhen big coffee guests made a wonderful keynote share and interactive salon.

1, the end of the window of the restaurant business, the arrival of the shock shuffle

change, shock caused the enterprise survival, competition will increase the difficulty, in 2016 started the industry reshuffle and new adjustment period.

2, hot dining Cold Thinking: fear of traditional regression products

The essence of

cloud taste Museum "noodle brother" Chi Huantao that the product is the brand of ‘1’, marketing, service, such as the Internet are behind the "0", the "1" is fundamental, not the "1" behind the more "0" are of no value.

all commercial competition is the competition of market efficiency, and ultimately only believe the business data, floor efficiency, efficiency, efficiency, who was off the investment return rate is a key indicator of the catering industry, who will not open around.

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