Entrepreneurship must have the spirit of innovation you know

business is a lot of people want to do or are doing, in fact, entrepreneurship is not necessarily suitable for everyone, entrepreneurs need to have a lot of great features, people with entrepreneurial dreams entrepreneurs on the road is not smooth, it will send the society without entrepreneurial opportunity feeling, but in fact, not a chance no, but entrepreneurs lack the spirit of innovation, so that entrepreneurs must have the spirit of innovation!

yes, it is not easy to start the business, the opportunity is not as much as in the last century in 80s and 90s. Over the years, governments at all levels have been taking a variety of ways to encourage entrepreneurship, people are eager. More than a week ago in September 11th, Premier Li Keqiang at the eighth session of the summer Davos forum also advocated: "set off a new wave of entrepreneurship and innovation of the public." But no entrepreneurial opportunities There are plenty of people who sigh, why? Because in this era, innovation determines entrepreneurship, and innovation is not everyone has.

all successful entrepreneurs have its originality, it is often said that "a fresh all day", this "skill" is innovation. Just fierce competition today, not only to innovation, but also to continue to innovate, the product should continue to upgrade, time can not be too long, otherwise it will be eliminated. The appetite of the market is too much, people are too tired. From apple to Apple 6, just a few years, the number of innovation? How many replacement? To ensure that it is my little apple, and not as dumb as NOKIA.

you are innovative in business models, either in the management mechanism innovation, or innovation in technology research and development…… Worst of all, selling sesame seed cake, but also to use the so-called Internet thinking to sell, you do not say sorry innovation is in business. The fact is that traditional industries have been others play to the extreme, you no later play space, only innovation can grass root counter attack, cross-border raid, the old play new tricks.

look at those VCs, like wolves, investors, the money to vote on what companies, which entrepreneurs. It can be said that basically give a special skills innovation investment company. In today’s headlines, for example, in August this year, was $100 million C round of financing, so that the valuation reached $500 million, its founder, Zhang Yiming, jumped into the ranks of hundreds of millions of net worth.

today’s headlines do not produce content, just make the contents of the porters, but they have carried on the innovation, the user’s browsing habits, interest in the direction of a unique algorithm, gets the classification of interest to the user, and the user to push relevant content, to achieve precise push, this business for innovation and a big success.

cite two examples, in September 15th, the first to do the community recruitment site Zhou Botong, get $28 million A round of financing, the company valuation of billions of dollars. The day before, near the Zhou Botong positioning hook nets also received commendation

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