Domestic fishing rod ten brands list

use of leisure time fishing is more and more people, both as a hobby, but also for entertainment, but also can have a certain sense of satisfaction, thus attracting a lot of people. Like fishing, it is necessary to have a good fishing tool, of course, is the most indispensable fishing rod. So what brand of fishing rod is better? What brand of domestic fishing rod? What brand of fishing rod is better? Here, let Xiaobian to analyze the ten major brands of domestic fishing rod rankings.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list first: Koi rod

energy-saving group, is the current domestic production of the largest enterprises at the same time, fishing rod, fishing rod is in the low-end market leading enterprises. The mass consumer choice Guangwei fishing rod, low price, good quality.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list of the top second: Bao dragon fishing rod

treasure dragon fishing gear Co., Ltd. is the designated national fishing Championship for many years. A total of three series: baofeilong, pole king, haoshida, hundreds of varieties, has been the favorite fishing enthusiasts at home and abroad.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list of the top third: Pacific fishing rod

Pacific fishing company, founded in 1976 in Taiwan, has been doing brand. Started from the line of research and development production and marketing began to start, step by step practical development of the upward.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list fourth: BIODROGA rod

has many years of operating history of fishing gear, from a single production enterprise has started into research and design, mold design and manufacturing, pre production testing, production, marketing and service of multi-directional development in one of the China International fishing tackle market brand T.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list fifth:


Hangzhou falai Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd., founded in 2000. By the China Association of cultural and sports goods, was awarded the title of "China’s ten major sporting goods brands," the successful adoption of ISO9001:2000.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list of the top sixth: the name of the Lun fishing rod

name Lun fishing gear production base is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shandong, Weihai, the company is a production, research and development, sales as one of the high-end fishing rod production enterprises.

domestic fishing rod ten brands list seventh: liyoubi rod


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