Female college students to earn a net profit selling dumplings

recent media reports that a female college student in Anhui started selling dumplings and attracted many people’s attention. Jiao Jiao, the name of the work is not a little girl college students with perseverance, to create their own brand of dumplings.

"work for others", as well as their own business." This year, 25 year old Ding Jiaojiao, Anhui County, Huaining town college students, after graduating from college, she gave up the city’s white-collar life, resigned to start their own business. After 5 years of hard work, Ding Jiaojiao founded the annual output value of more than ten million yuan of food companies, and successfully entered Hefei, Wuhan and other large cities. By the local people as "dumplings xi". "Do food is conscience", "like processed food processing food". Ding Jiaojiao from join the food industry, has been adhering to this idea.

2011, 21 year old Ding Jiaojiao graduated from Suzhou University, he worked in a large company in Shanghai, monthly salary of more than 3000 yuan, but she has not been able to find their full freedom to play the ability to feel. She began to think, continue to work to help the boss, it is better to return to their own business. Her idea was supported by her parents.

2012, Ding Jiaojiao returned to his hometown of public ridge town, founded a food dumplings processing plant, and registered its own brand. At the same time, the scale of the production of dumplings, she and her parents run a home sales. Hard work pays off, less than half a year’s time, the production of dumplings has gradually been recognized by consumers, Ding Jiaojiao began to acquire simple machinery and equipment, set up their own company. In the next 1 years, the company gradually developed.

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