What are the trends in the development of the Korean Restaurant

although China’s food is indeed very much, however, speaking of the development of the entire food and beverage industry, China is not leading. According to incomplete statistics, South Korea in some areas about 14 years ahead of us. Over the past 5 years, South Korea’s food and beverage products to small and single main. We are very common in the Korean store model is a dish, a shop, a brand. Focus, concise model. But such a dish of the brand can often replicate dozens of stores, or even hundreds of stores, in the region is also far more complex than the structure of the store.

is now affected by the economic environment of the Korean food and beverage, and gradually entered the era of cheap, who is fighting the product, both delicious and cheap, profit maximization. How to get high profit from low price strategy? 8 trends of Korean food and beverage

1, small investment, high profit

2, simple but not simple decoration

walked into the Korean restaurant, a look at the wall, the money spent on the wall is really a ‘Save’, with low cost wallpaper, wood, waste materials, small objects decorated with a stylish and delicate sense of personality. Even in the past few years, you still think this is a very ‘story’ shop. South Korean boss knows where to spend the money, how to spend on the blade.

3, low cost is also competitive

South Korea, a well-known food and beverage, said Mr. Jin Yidao, they accounted for 35% of the cost of the shop, labor accounted for about 15% of the rent accounted for 5%, to recover the cost of six months. Reduce the cost of decoration, reduce labor costs, streamline the assembly line, and even do not need to hire a chef.

although this point for our domestic catering, or too idealistic state, due to rent, transfer fee ratio is relatively large, you want to recover the cost of short-term need to have more strategies. But the cost is always the key point to maintain the competitiveness of restaurants. It’s a part of the restaurant that needs to be accounted for every year for years.

4, takeaway increased turnover

South Korea way to take away more than we have developed in our country, barbecue, fried chicken can be made better preservation of the takeaway. Fresh vegetables ready, packed in a transparent box, with a good taste of the sauce together, according to the sale, reduce labor, but also to increase turnover, in one fell swoop.

the way the salad takeaway is now very popular in china. But we have to take the platform on the general quality and did not see how good. Today, the 315 party also reported that the platform is not hungry businesses irregular business, I believe that this situation is not a minority.

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