Entrepreneurship workshop helped many entrepreneurs realize their dreams

for entrepreneurs, success is the ultimate goal, the success of entrepreneurs not only from their own efforts, but also from the government’s encouragement and help. Dalian entrepreneurial workshop has helped many entrepreneurs realize their dreams. Recently, by Yang went to Qingdao, met with investors to negotiate a new round of investment. Although only a college student, but he wants to do is not small.

2015 in February, Yang and his core team was established by registered entities – Dalian bean No. science and technology limited company, at present, bean net number registered users has covered more than and 280 universities in China, known as "the gathering of Lei Feng".

"start-ups, the shortage of funds, lack of connections, looking for angel investment has become a major problem faced by entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs’ entrepreneurial workshop set up ABC" is to help entrepreneurs accurate docking investors and investment institutions, to help entrepreneurs to realize their dreams." The general manager of Dalian entrepreneurship workshop Technology Services Ltd. Dai Jingtao said.

a series for entrepreneurs to grow to provide services and creative resources and carrier in paving the way for entrepreneurs dream at the same time, in order to stimulate public enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, gathering all kinds of elements and space development, play recommended

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