Gao Qiang Hu spicy soup to join the good

high Qunsheng Hu maeuntang eponymic catering projects, of course, this is the pioneer brand high qunsheng. His childhood with his father to learn the traditional Hu spicy soup cooking technology, is the eighteenth generation of high Ji Hu soup. The boiled soup Hu not only spicy smell, delicious taste, and a stomach spleen, cold, wind, and other effects of Huoxue Zhuanggu Yin yang.

Since the inception of the

brand, has won the "Henan famous", "Chinese famous snacks", "favorite consumer products", "the first Hu soup competition special award" honorary title. So high Qunsheng Hu soup how?

a, historical origin

Ming Jiajing ministers discussed the emperor for the joy received from a pair of monks at help prolong life adjustment of product recipe for the Lord, played by burning the soup to drink, after tasting the emperor Longyan exultation, and as "Yu tang". At the end of Ming Dynasty, on the way to the chef Zhao Ji, see the east gate near Shahe, boat ride, Simon Ying River near by, the situation is natural, two rivers meandering East, the town zhaibao firm, is the land of hope Shueisiou, Zhao Ji resolved to retreat. Thus, the palace secret convenient spread here. People have this recipe for the soup hot and sour soup brewed aroma, mellow fragrance, commonly known as "Hu soup". Passing of night, the passage of time, the soup on the farther, because storage in happy, so called "Xiao Hu soup".

two, pharmacological effect

the soup to wheat flour, cooked beef, mutton, pepper, cinnamon flavored with amomum fruit, dahurian angelica root, galangal, liquorice, Radix Aucklandiae, cardamom, cinnamon, cardamom, galangal, anise, fennel. More than 30 kinds of pure natural plant spices such as clove, according to the different ratio of comprehensive Aozhi, adding MSG, sesame oil, vinegar, not only spicy smell, delicious, and has built the stomach spleen, resolving phlegm and relieving cough, dispelling cold, Yin Yang, Huoxue Zhuanggu, Qingrejiedu, diuresis, striking, God so in effect with vitality.

three, Kao Hu hot soup authentic happy

this product according to Gao from generation to generation of more than 30 kinds of spices recipe, high-quality natural plant selection and configuration, combined with modern technology, it is brewed fine Hu soup seasoning, cooking, it use a variety of modulation dishes, steamed stuffed bun, dumplings, meat, pasta, with green, fragrant and pure taste unique pharmacological effects of air and other characteristics, is the preferred condiment family chef.

four, profit analysis

this product has the characteristics of less investment, quick effect, easy operation and so on. It is especially suitable for the development of the laid-off workers. Advantage is low cost, labor intensity is small, easy to operate, lucrative (up to 40%–50%).


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