Catering management knowledge take a look at the sea fishing enterprise how to WeChat employees

The concept of "service first, customer first" has become the object of the study in the outside of the industry, while supporting the excellent service of the

is the internal organization of the staff and promote innovation. Zhang Yong, chairman of the sea fishing in an interview stressed: customer satisfaction is guaranteed and realized by the staff." The sea will be the first Internet application innovation into the catering industry, to create personalized service characteristics, but when we look into the enterprise, we will discover that the enterprise culture is the embodiment of the sea fishing system in the internal management.

CIO development center of WeChat group in December invited the Beijing Sea Technology Co., CEO  Shi Qi (former sea fishing CIO) Shi sum group of friends mobile office has been discussed, the construction process application of total share of sea fishing WeChat enterprise. Mobile office and now popular Internet marketing, e-commerce, it seems that it is not a hot field, but the introduction of the WeChat sea through the number of enterprises to solve the real problem of this humble. The 20 thousand employees of the sea fishing, the number of companies using the monthly application of 1 million 500 thousand people, that is, the use of more than 70 times per person per month. Monthly average of tens of thousands of employees can receive feedback, to achieve a healthy interaction between enterprises and employees.

how mobile office software use, is still a problem in

OA is beginning to send a news, then everyone began to engage in workflow, approval, knowledge base, interactive forums; and then expand outward, the HR employee self-service, finance, business, BI data analysis of some of the things included in, plus SSO, has gradually upgrade positioning internal portal "the. Of course, there will be some content, such as e-mail, video conferencing and other daily office, interspersed with the use of internal IM instant messaging. All of this may be part of a collaborative office.

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