Tea shop location skills share

Chinese has always been very love tea, tea demand in Chinese amount has been great, but also a very good business management, tea shop, shop good preparation is important, especially in the area of the site, only to choose a good location, you will be able to easily shop, easy to get rich. So, for the novice, how to choose the tea shop? Friends who are interested to go with a small bar to see it.

mature Tea Gathering: the so-called shopping malls such as the battlefield, now the vicious competition between the tea shop is a store location in It is often seen., if the next to benefit at all costs the price of the store, estimated they will lose money.

but there is a situation is relatively special, is that in some areas, some tea shop together, into a small market, the product range, more conducive to the comparison and selection of customers, more likely to attract more visitors from afar. Therefore, if the site is located in such a place, because of its market brought about by the supplement, the joint relationship is conducive to promoting the sale of both.

Hotels Group Hotel is near: travel somewhere to live, most of them do not take tea, purchase at any time, and, in order to zouqingfangyou, take a little tea, is elegant and impressive, the hotel will have tea "guest to tea" is the traditional etiquette Chinese. The hotel group opened near the shops, is more worth it, the rent should not be too high, but also can rent a hotel business hall, can improve the style and combined with tea.

the bustling commercial center in these areas: commercial atmosphere thick, traffic, shopping complex, high purchase frequency, most consumers have strong quality, good and beauty, but the price or the cost of rent is relatively high, competition is particularly fierce, so before entering the subject to careful consideration of their own human, financial and material resources have.

if there are conditions, to enter the commercial center, of course, correct, what is meant to seize the commanding heights! But do not have the strength, do not act rashly, these places require high grade tea, should pay attention to the brand, to enrich the varieties of tea, and tea related to supporting tea, tea books, such as purple, porcelain, tea glass etc..

road traffic: the local population flows, mainly to attract customers, so these places focus on the external attraction to tea varieties, novel, price concessions, for some number of older, larger customers into intangible assets, just getting started customers best not to blindly open shops.

residential area: tea is a necessity for the consumer, the general risk of smaller residential areas, but at the same time according to different levels of residents are not the same style of tea shops.

1, old liberated areas: these recommended

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