How small potatoes whole of Chinese investment

don’t look down on Chinese food culture, just remember someone ridiculed Chinese is a special food nation has only seen can accommodate thousands of people in the restaurant to China. Of course, this person in the time of irony, but Xiao Bian completely disagree with this person’s statement. Eating is a symbol of happiness, although appetite is a great desire of mankind, but the Chinese people will expand the desire to show in the world has become a kind of enjoyment of life.

today, we raise the general standard of living, people on diet requirements are increasingly high, but the traditional Chinese or more popular taste, the degree of acceptance is very extensive, therefore, the market potential is large, small potato food, its products with nutrition, delicious and popular with consumers.

small potatoes is located in the beautiful coastal city of Chinese Dalian, is a characteristic snack delicacy management company, in the characteristics of research, chain operations, management consulting and marketing planning, collection at home and abroad, many of the top experts. Is committed to the development and operation of modern Chinese special snack, lunch will be small potatoes raw materials processing, scientific research, teaching and training, market operation, brand management, integrated service platform, to provide and thoughtful investors.

how about investing in small potatoes?

golden corn, after careful modulation, in developed with hemp · fresh spicy · · the main characteristics of sweet taste, taste fragrant flavor characteristics of pure · · slippery mouth, recognized by the vast number of consumers, coupled with fast and friendly service, clean and comfortable environment, small potato food company now the development of brand stores in several locations, covering all parts of the country.

small potatoes in the restaurant, a piece of duck, duck, duck, I am afraid that the point must be dishes, can be described as restaurant signs. Because in Dubai there is little to eat a decent Roasted Duck, has been worried about, but the duck, you doubt it. The duck skin quality and standards are very high, even the dough, the sauce is impeccable. The skeleton of the duck skin can be used to make salt and pepper duck frame, also very satisfactory.

small potatoes in restaurant with Shandong, Sichuan cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, such as colored, Chinese, Japanese, etc. various kinds of Western-style food restaurant, can accommodate 1000 people dining at the same time, you are a good place for dining, meeting, wedding Kyrgyzstan please collective dinner, meet your business life of a riot of colours.

can be seen from introducing the above small potatoes in a restaurant shop is not small, is a good project worthy of you to join, if you are on the brand to join interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will have dedicated staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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