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once a year of college enrollment work is being carried out one after another, there are many famous universities in Beijing, the day before they released the independent recruitment plan, the Beijing Jiaotong University and Beijing Forestry University through the Undergraduate Admissions officially announced in 2017 the independent recruitment policy. Starting today, Beijing has the qualifications of independent colleges and universities will continue to publish independent enrollment policy.

for the first time to confirm the voluntary operation to be completed before 12 March 24, 2017, outdated will not be submitted. The school will organize the audit team has confirmed the voluntary candidates online registration materials for examination, check the integrity of the material, and audit the material to meet the registration requirements and the basic requirements of the professional registration requirements. For the first time to confirm the volunteer is not eligible for the audit after the candidates will be reviewed as to be added material state, before March 28, 2017 12 may be the only time to modify and again to confirm the volunteer". If the candidates to delete the material to be added to the state of registration after registration again, then the audit results of the audit is the result of the candidate’s trial.

Beijing Forestry University: 170

Beijing Forestry University this year’s independent enrollment plan is the same as last year, 5% of the total plan, the 170. Require candidates to firm ideals and beliefs and moral quality, honest and trustworthy, law-abiding, nearly two years out of the school of Beijing Forestry University with the subject characteristics do independent recruitment this year, with a total of 21 undergraduate majors, according to the characteristic of the subject was divided into five groups, referred to as: Forestry, biology, engineering, foreign languages, garden the class of independent recruitment. Candidates can only apply for a registration of a number of professional groups, not across the group to apply for professional. Please be sure to fill in the professional volunteer, after the re examination of the results of the re examination of the candidates and the reported professional order, according to the principle of priority scores to identify candidates to obtain a professional qualification of independent admissions.

once a year the college entrance examination, affects many students and parents heart, before the Beijing many universities announced the independent recruitment plan. Beijing Language and Culture University independent recruitment plan in 2017 57, involving information science and foreign language class consists of 16 professional direction, which covers all the foreign language school of small language professional and professional translation, information science, including three professional computer science and technology, information management and information system and digital media technology.

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