2017 Xinjiang new employment goal let 440 thousand people like industry Business

living standards in the continuous improvement, but there are still a lot of people face the problem of employment, local government departments in order to allow people to do a good job, but also began to take relevant measures. In January 5th, the reporter learned from the the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people club bureau held a working conference in 2017, Xinjiang will continue to implement the employment Huimin project this year, pay close attention to the employment through the implementation of policies, implementation of the new urban employment of 440 thousand people.

according to the regional office of human resources and Employment Promotion Department deputy director Ma Zhaofeng introduced, in 2017 Xinjiang will achieve 440 thousand new urban jobs, encourage employment and entrepreneurship policy system currently has a more complete, the focus of this year’s work is to implement the plan.

Ma Zhaofeng said: "we in 2017 the implementation of policy implementation, focus on promoting the implementation of various policies, such as enterprises to absorb employment social security subsidies, flexible employment social security subsidies, including the difficulties of employment policies and measures, strengthen the enterprises and workers to enjoy the sense of policy. Expected in 2017 the number of college graduates in the region around 84 thousand people, focusing on the implementation of college graduates employment and entrepreneurship program." In 2017, the autonomous region will comprehensively promote the integration of the basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, and provide more equitable basic medical insurance for the insured.

solid work to promote the employment of Huimin, while this year, the Autonomous Region People’s social sector will accelerate the construction of social security system covering urban and rural areas. Sun Zhanxue, deputy director of the Department of human resources and social security office, said: since 2014, we began the reform of the organs and institutions pension system, is currently in the forefront of the country. Our next step is to set up the occupational pension system and the relevant merger, the treatment of this connection to do further exploration, according to the unified deployment of the country to adjust."

2017 Xinjiang new employment goals, and strive to make 440 thousand people on the good industry, I hope in the implementation of a series of measures, can effectively achieve this goal. The office of human resources and medical birth insurance commissioner Li Dong said: "the whole area of Bortala autonomous region of Mongolia, Hami City, Kezilesu 3 pilot already entered the stage of stable merger, in 2018 January began to implement the unified 12 prefectures of urban and rural medical insurance system. Whether it is the city’s residents or rural residents, in accordance with the same policy to pay the insured, the transfer of the relationship between health insurance will be more convenient."

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