What a good farmer entrepreneurship project


has developed rapidly in recent years, many farmers went on the road to choose their own self build up the family fortunes, shop business, in the face of many industries, many farmers do not know how to choose the project. Farmers in rural entrepreneurship have any good projects, the following is a small series with farmers entrepreneurs to share, we welcome you to read and understand.


medicinal plants

on the balcony. Flowers is not girls favorite leisure time. In Pudong New Area Cao Lu Town, it really has become the new choice of female entrepreneurship. At the beginning of this year, the women’s Federation by Cao Lu courtyard construction hostess "training opportunities, please green experts for more than 80 yards hostess held a week-long courtyard planting practical technical training. After the training course, many families began the cultivation of medicinal plants. Residents aunt Lee’s courtyard, heart grass, mint, hanging grass and other medicinal plants into several rows. Now in the Cao Lu Town, using their own garden or balcony planting of medicinal plants of the family for more than 100, average every 40 to 50 strains of plant (basin). Not long ago, the first batch of 400 pots of medicinal plants through the project team planning and packaging into the market.

farm machinery rental market

technology services marketThe adjustment of industrial structure:

seedlings in the professional market

seedling in rural demand potentiality is enormous, especially some of the economic benefits of high quality seedlings, more popular with farmers. Therefore, the establishment of seedlings franchise market, the return of rich.

business books and periodicals

, with the increase of peasants’ consciousness of science and technology and the rule of law a large number of young farmers are no longer satisfied with the sunrise and sunset and the traditional way of life in the bulging pockets at the same time, they hope that science and technology literacy and their legal awareness to improve, to meet the needs of social development to a certain extent, this is to stimulate the rural book market prosperity. Therefore, in a large population or convenient transportation

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